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 The Simple Line Editor or SLED 

 Author:       Eric Lorenzo Lim
 Homepage: (404 - 05/04/09 - DMcCunney)
 Download:  (C source)
      (Solaris binaries)
 Family:       UnixEditorFamily
 Platform:     Unix
 License:      Open source

From the Homepage:

"SLED is short for Simple Line EDitor which I developed for use as our email text editor.

SLED is no-frills and easy to use. It is designed for writing simple emails. It ignores control characters but understands function keys. If a function key is pressed which SLED does not use, it ignores it instead of accepting the function key sequences as user text entry. Try to use the Arrow-Keys in Pico to see what I mean.

It does not wrap-around but it handles text files greater than the screen columns by doing horizontal scrolling.

SLED is *NOT* a powerful text editor, if you need a powerful editor, use 'vi'.

I'm making the full source code available for free in the spirit of Open Source and I hope it will be useful to other users."

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