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Mined (pronounced min-ed) is a powerful text editor with a comprehensive yet concise and easy-to-use user interface supporting modern interaction paradigms, and fast, small-footprint behaviour.

 Author:       Thomas Wolff 
 Homepage:     http://mined.sourceforge.net
 Family:       UnicodeEditorFamily
 Platform:     Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Cygwin
 License:      Open source

Mined provides both extensive Unicode and CJK support offering many specific features and covering special cases that other editors are not aware of (like auto-detection features and automatic handling of terminal variations, or Han character information). It was the first editor that supported Unicode in a plain-text terminal (like xterm or rxvt).

Basically, mined is an editor tailored to reliable and efficient editing of plain text documents and programs, with features and interactive behaviour designed for this purpose.

 Screenshot:  Mined editing Unicode text:

Feature Overview

Good interactive features

Versatile character encoding support

Many useful text editing capabilities

Small-footprint operation and portability

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