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 Open source hex editor for Linux and Windows

 Author:   Diego Grigna 
 Family:   HexEditorFamily
 Platform: Linux, Windows
 License:  Open Source

"It's a Linux hex editor which lets you see all 256 characters as found in video ROM, even control and extended ASCII, like the old times of MSDOS. This is achieved using the /dev/vcsa* devices which let you write directly into the video memory.

You could edit regular files and devices, like hard disks, floppies, CDROMs, ZIP drives, RAM and any device that Linux allows to be read.

It comes in three flavours, the original VCSA version that can only be used in the main console. The NCurses version which can be used anywhere (through ssh, inside a XTerm, etc), and a raw version.

Now I compiled it under Windows, I provide the executables and the C source diff to be able to compile it with cygwin."


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Last edited September 30, 2007 1:55 pm (diff)