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 IDE for on-device development on Android and Blackberry

 Author:    Didactic Development
 Family:    AndroidEditorFamily
 Platform:  Android, Blackberry 
 License:   Freeware and Shareware

Lightweight programming text editor, compiler, and IDE.

A mobile based programming text editor, online compiler, and integrated development environment built for Android and Blackberry Playbook. Complete with Dropbox integration, virtual keys for commonly used programming symbols, syntax highlighting, and support for over 40 programming languages, writing code on the go has never been easier.

DeuterIDE takes its name from the anion of hydrogen-2 isotope deuterium, known as heavy hydrogen. You'll find, however, that there is nothing heavy at all about this fully functional editor. This application was made with one thing in mind – fulfilling the need of a lightweight, easy to use way to write code on the go. Applications just like this start with a flash of inspiration; with the mobile platform provided by DeuterIDE, you’ll be ready.

No account required to compile and run. Ideal for use on tablets or other devices with large displays.


Supported languages : Ada, Assembler, AWK, Bash, bc, Brainf*ck, C, C#, C++, C99, CLIPS, Clojure, COBOL, Common Lisp CSS, D, Erlang, F#, Factor, Falcon, Forth, Fortran, Go, Groovy, Haskell, HTML, Icon, Intercal, Java, JavaScript, Lua, Nemerele, Nice, Nimrod, Objective-C, Ocaml, Oz, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Pike, Prolog, Python, R, Ruby, Scala, Scheme, Smalltalk, SQL, Tcl, Unlambda, Visual Basic, .NET, Whitespace

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