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 Msub is a script driven text manipulation tool.

 Author:   Anders Munch
 Family:   BellLabsFamily
 License:  Artistic License
 Availability: yes
 Platform: Dos, Unix, Windows

It provides a simple and fast alternative for the kind of tasks where people usually use the Perl programming language.

Msub uses a very simple metaphor: that of the search and replace facility that you will find in any text editor or word processor. A script can be just two lines: the first line is what to search for, and the second is what to replace it with.

None the less, Msub is a complete functional programming language; it is "Turing-equivalent", which means that any computation that can be done in any other programming language, can also be done in Msub. In theory, that is. In practice Msub is specifically aimed at text manipulation tasks.

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