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 MS-DOS text editor designed for inclusion in Norton Commander

 Author:   Christopf Christ
 Download: https://www.simtel.net/product.php%5Bid%5D44781%5BSiteID%5Dsimtel.net
 Family:   TinyEditors, WordStarFamily, MsDosEditors
 Platform: MS-DOS
 License:  Freeware

"There is the very best DOS-Environment I know, the Norton Commander. But when you are using Norton Commander you know that the built-in editor has only limited capabilities (files may not be greater than 32 KB, block-operations are absent, etc. ). There is the possibility to use the Norton Editor, which very mighty in the new version, but unfortunately it isn't Wordstar-compatible (not even compatible to the built-in one), which makes it quite difficult, to use it.

So I decided to finish this diseaster and wrote a wordstar compatible Text-Editor, which has various block, search and replace-functions. To make it fit into the Norton Commander's outfit, I designed the screenoutput similar to the buit-in editor. There's mouse-support (through emulating keypresses). A Help is not available, and not necessary, because this editor matches to the normal editor-standard. The editor can handle the 43/50-Line mode too. It can't be selected specially, but it uses the current amount of screenlines available."

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