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 TM is a tiny editor for MS-DOS with Emacs keybindings.

 Author:   Brian H. Kelley
 Download: (Binary and docs)
  (a86 assembler source)
  (Third party mod that runs correctly on 808X CPUs, with source)
 Family:   TinyEditors
 Platform: MS-DOS, Windows console
 License:  Freeware

Special features:

  1. Small & efficient.
  2. Configurable.  From the command line, the following can be specified:
    - line separator (UNIX vs. DOS vs. arbitrary character)
    - window size & position
    - use of BIOS vs. direct access to any area of memory
    - tab-stop separation
    - color scheme
  3. Powerful features:
    - easily-definable macros
    - incremental search & replace
    - "unlimited" undo
    - selectable display modes for control & graphics characters
  4. Long lines are displayed wrapped.
  5. Support for many Emacs key bindings.

Written in Assembly language, this TextEditor is lean and mean at less than 4k in size. The assembly language code is considered a masterpiece of superoptimization.

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