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 A Unix based programmer's environment

 Author:   Fred Kruse (original) Dennis Payne (Maintainer)
 Homepage: http://www.identicalsoftware.com/xwpe/index.html#DOWNLOAD
 Family:   IDEFamily
 Platform: Linux, Sony Playstation 2(!)
 License:  Open Source

Xwpe is a programming environment for UNIX systems writen by Fred Kruse. The user interface mimics the Borland C and Pascal family of products for MS-DOS. From within xwpe you can edit, compile, and debug programs. Unfortunately Fred Kruse seems to no longer be a member of the on-line community.

The xwpe-alpha project was an attempt to continue development and bug fixes for xwpe. Since attempts to contact the author of xwpe have received no response, xwpe-alpha should be considered unsupported by Fred Kruse. Development has stopped recently. Questions or comments should be directed to Dennis Payne


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