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There is quite a lot of material available. (Alphabetical by author)

IMHO, you need the following logical parts to form a text editor:

You should be able to SpendAllDayInTheEditor.

One popular new addition to the text editors has revitalized the industry: support for managing text fragments as well as templates.

This is used to great effect when attempting to write new pieces of code. For example, MS Windows administrators often reuse the same "chunks" of code over and over with slight variations. These new text editors are allowing you to manage a library of such fragments and templates so that you can accomplish most tasks by CutAndPaste.

Another big area for improvement is DebuggerIntegration. It is essential that a texteditor be able supplement the window display to have icons/etc to annotate breakpoints, watchpoints, etc.

The Post-Emacs mailing list is devoted to the theory and design of text editors, buffers, undo/redo, keymaps, user interface, plug-ins, and the like. I dunno how active it is anymore, but it was sponsored by the [] web site. The archives are worth reading.

Unfortunately, ScannedInAvian? is gone, as are the archivvs, and GMane has only a scattering of posts available (DMcCunney - 04/11/09)
It seems that NotepadReplacement is a big reason for the proliferation of TextEditors.


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