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 ZDE was a text editor written by Carson Wilson, designed for the 8-bit Z-80 operating system, ZCPR3 or the ZSystem.

 Author:        Carson Wilson (Also co-author of SUE)
 Download:      http://www.zimmers.net/anonftp/pub/cpm/editors/index.html
 Documentation: v1.0 - http://www.guntersville.net/osborne/library/210/zde10.new
 Family:        WordStarFamily CPMEditorFamily
 Platform:      CP/M

ZCPR stands for [Zilog chip] "Z-80 Command Processor Replacement", as it was intended as a complete replacement for the primary command interpreter, normally CP/M or CP/M-80.

ZDE was derived from source code for VDE, provided by CP/M assembly-language programmer Eric Meyer after Eric focused his attention on developing VDE for MS-DOS.

It is considered a member of the WordStarFamily but includes NewWord enhanced keystrokes. It also supported special enhancements of the Z-System, including named directories (under CP/M-80, directories did not have names, only "user numbers"), access to external variables in ZCPR registers, date-stamping in ZSDOS, and hooks to the ZCPR error handler. ZDE looked and worked like VDE, could read and write WordStar or plain ASCII files, and was dozens of times faster (more responsive) than WordStar. Its main limitation, shared with VDE, was that it loaded the entire file into memory, and thus could not edit a file larger than about 52 kilobytes. (EricPement)

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